Contribute Content to GHRD

We are excited to have the users of GHRD help develop the site organically.  Think of GHRD as a canvas where you can paint your vision of an ideal social networking site to advance human rights!   Please let us know of any ideas you have for improving the site by emailing Professor William Simmons.

Please use the links below to suggest an issue or NGO you think we should feature on the site.  

Suggest a Human Rights Issue  or  Suggest a Human Rights NGO or Add a Human Rights Video

If you are a human rights witness and would like your testimony to appear on the website, please contact Professor William Simmons.  We can add your testimony in written form, in audio, or in video.  

We can also help you set up webinars or other virutal events to discuss human rights issues with folks from around the globe - email for more info. 

Ways to Contribute through Your Profile Page

Also, through our blog you can participate in discussion on new features we should add to GHRD and best practices for using the site or engage in discussions on critical human rights issues dealing with human rights voices through our blog.  

Users can also donate to a GHRD fund that will help support videoconference speakers fees for individuals and groups that cannot afford them. To learn about the GHRD Speakers' Fund, please contact