Issues in Human Rights Testimonies

Speaking Rights to Power: Constructing Political Will By Alison Brysk

Speaking Rights to Power: Constructing Political Will By Alison Brysk
"How can "Speaking Rights to Power" construct political will to respond to human rights abuse worldwide? Examining dozens of cases of human rights campaigns and using an innovative analysis of the politics of persuasion, this book shows how communication politics build recognition, solidarity, and social change. Building on twenty years of research on five continents, this comprehensive study ranges from Aung San Suu Kyi to Anna Hazare, from Congo to Colombia, and from the Arab Spring to Pussy Riot. Speaking Rights to Power addresses cutting edge debates on human rights and the ethic of care, cosmopolitanism, charismatic leadership, communicative action and political theater, and the role of social media. It draws on constructivist literature from social movement and international relations theory, and analyzes human rights as a form of global social imagination. Combining a normative contribution with judicious critique, this book shows how human rights rhetoric matters-and how to make it matter more."

Daniel Kerr, "How Oral History Can Facilitate Movement Building"

Daniel Kerr,
"Daniel Kerr, a professor of history at American University, discusses research he conducted with the Cleveland Homeless Oral History Project where he has interviewed close to 200 homeless people and has facilitated dozens of workshops and meetings in the shelters and drop-in centers of Cleveland, Ohio. Focusing on his work with the project, Kerr examines how oral history research can move beyond professional and academic aims and actively facilitate social change."

Beyond Testimony and Trauma: Oral History in the Aftermath of Mass Violence

Beyond Testimony and Trauma: Oral History in the Aftermath of Mass Violence
"Survivors of terrible events are often portrayed as unsung heroes or tragic victims but rarely as complex human beings whose lives extend beyond the stories they have told. The contributors to Beyond Testimony and Trauma consider other ways to engage with survivors and their accounts based on valuable insights gained from their work on long-term oral history projects. While the contexts vary widely, they demonstrate that - through deep listening, long-term relationship building, and collaborative research design - it is possible to move beyond the problematic aspects of "testimony" to shine a light on the more nuanced lives of survivors of mass violence."

Testimonies of Syrian Women Refugees

"Syrian refugee women living in Bulgarian camps for migrants talk about the suffering that the war in their country has brought. They speak of the pain of seeing their sons go off to fight and of leaving family members behind."

From Damascus to Detroit, a Young Syrian Refugee Shares Her Story | Mashable Docs

"Zeina Aboushaar was only 9 when the Syrian government bombed her school in the Damascus suburb of Darayya. Since then, things have only gotten worse and the civil war has cost the lives of almost a quarter of a million people. Zeina managed to escape with her family and today she lives in a suburb of Detroit with her mother and 3 brothers. (Her parents are divorced and her father lives in Egypt.) When memories overwhelm her, she sits down to write. She shared her story to explain what's happening in her country."

The Personal Stories of Syrian Refugees

A photo essay documenting the one item Syrian refugees took with them when fleeing their country. Hala Gorani reports.

Testimonies from Sjælsmark Deportation Center

Testimonies from two residents at Sjælsmark Deportation Center A Camp for rejected Asylum Seekers in Denmark